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A'Kai is a Hawaiian term and means "by the ocean" A'Kai Silks is based on the beautiful island of Hawaii. Owner and originator Laura King, aka Jesennia, is the artist of the silk items you will see available on this website. All silk dyed items are hand made in Hawaii, and nothing is mass produced. This is an artist owned and managed business. Every silk item has the unique special hand made touch.

A'Kai Silks creates one of a kind silk clothing apparel and silk belly dance costume veils. A'Kai Silks is built on the concept that silk clothing should be as unique as each woman who wears it. From bold and dramatic tribal inspired designs, to softly blended floral colors, you will have many beautiful choices to fit every mood. The versatile silk apparel items are not only suitable for many types of occasions, they are about a lifestyle choice. Divinely soft silky feel, ethereal movement, mouth watering colors, clothes that practically breathe on their own. A'Kai Silks clothing brings a bit of Heaven to Earth. Silk clothing items are suitable for any occasion.

A'Kai Silks first formed in 2000. Jes uses a special unique, self-taught process to hand dye and paint each silk and velvet item to create the brightest colors and one of a kind tie dye and blended patterns. Nowhere else on Earth will you find the same original designs, each one is truly unique.

Trademark designs and names such as Merkaba, Bird of Paradise, Katai, and Dreamcatcher have become the designs foundation for the silk clothing items.  Check out more signature color patterns by A'Kai Silks on the colors page.

A'Kai Silks supplies silk dance veils and skirts to a large number of dance instructors and top professional performers such as the Bellydance Superstars.

From September through May, bellydance silk skirt and veil production is in full speed. A'Kai Silks veils and silk items are made FOR dancers BY a dancer. "I have been dancing with my own handmade silk items for over ten years. I am constantly testing out new items, colors, and silk designs for quality, durability, and special effects. I can help you determine the best colors to go with your costume, the type of stage lighting, and the choice of venue. This is where my own personal dance experience can help you. I know my own product and dance with it frequently to see what sort of visual effects they make, which costumes go best with which color veils and skirts, what weight silk works best for a specific venue or performance. My working knowledge of the type of silk and how each one floats, to the sizing of veils, to the interaction of colors, helps you receive expert advice with dance items. I also teach HOW to dance with the veils and/or use the silk items. I'm always delighted to share what I've learned about dancing with silk with other dancers."

Silk items are available for retail and wholesale purchase. Custom orders are available on a limited basis and usually require a $100 minimum, and 6 to 8 weeks to completion.  Please check the wholesale page for updates on custom order availability.

All emails welcome!  akaisilksinfo@yahoo.com

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