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Contact And Credits

All emails are welcome...however please read the helpful information below as it is created to help answer some of the most commonly asked questions.  Thank you so very, very much.  This is an artist owned and operated business by a full time mom and wife.  I am grateful for your business inquiries. 

I am a mom of two wonderful boys, a rescued dog,  and two lazy cats, and enjoy spending time with my husband and the kids.  Right now I operate A'Kai Silks on my own..until I have a staff that can help me full time, there may be a delay answering all emails.  I am attempting to delegate emails to maximize efficiency for everyone.  I simply cannot answer all emails, my apologies.  I am working my hardest to make sure every email is answered quickly (can we petition for the sun to stay out a few hours longer so we have longer work days :)

1)  Emails concerning etsy and ebay sales will be answered first.  Please use this website to look up any questions you may have, there is more detailed information about each item for sale in the etsy and ebay store listings.

2) If this is an urgent matter about shipping an item, a missing item, a defective item received, etc, please title the email URGENT.  If you are in fast need of a custom order please do not put urgent in the email title, this is reserved for emergencies :)

3)If you are the owner of a store or gallery and wish to contact me about carrying A'Kai Silks items, please title the email WHOLESALE or CONSIGNMENT and send to 

          4) If you are emailing about CUSTOM ORDERS please review custom order info at Custom Order Alchemy


If you are sending a personal email to Laura/Jesennia, please use  .  Again, my apologies..not all emails can be answered quickly due to time restrictions. 


Photo Credits

Photo credits

This Site Uses Photos By:

Gorla Photography, Craig Ellenwood, Twu Yong Tan, Lena Regina, Kona Koa, Steve Brown, John Guerrero, "Boon", Chris P., D.W. Morgan Patnoe, and U. Mimo.

Special courtesy thanks to Michael Baxter, check out his photo gallery... many A'Kai veils appear with his lovely dancers and models.

Pure Magic happens when artists strive to create beauty together and celebrate art, life and movement. Photographs bring the silk alive with motion, sight, vision, breath and light.

If you are a photographer or artist interested in having your work shown on this site, please e-mail us.

It may be possible to arrange to send you silk veils to use as props in your photos. Experimental styles are included. Your website and name will be listed on this page. In exchange, please allow A'Kai Silks use of your images for promotional and advertising material.

Please note, the photos on this gallery page and throughout the website may be copyrighted and may not be used without permission.

Please contact us for more information about each photo and the photographer when applicable.

You can also visit the A'Kai Silks Tribe where many beautiful dancers and models have posted their photos and even post your own!

A'Kai Silks is happy to give out contact information of the photographers we recommend!

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