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Silk Products
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For the Dancer
Bellydance silk veils rectangle
Bellydance silk veils large half circles
Bellydance silk veils regular half circles
Bellydance scarves and poi
Silk charmeuse skirts and cholis
For the Gypsy
Silk layered skirts
Silk Fashion Scarves
Silk sarongs
For the Goddess
Silk Divinity Dress
Silk Crepe de Chine Wraps
Silk Velvet Wraps
Special Handpainted Silks

For the Mermaid
Soaps, Scrubs, Butters, Balms and Bubbles
This page serves as a general product overview for the A'Kai Silks website.  For immediate purchase of items, please visit  for in stock items.  If the items you would like are not in stock, you may request a special custom order, when available,  through Alchemy.

The silk products made by A'Kai Silks are listed in the menu on the left.  To help with easy navigation, they have been categorized as for the Dancer, for the Gypsy, for the Goddess, and for the Mermaid.  The Mermaid category has recently been added and will include special handmade soaps and bath products. 

Once in a great while, there will be special discounted auctions on ebay.  Click here to find A'Kai Silks on ebay.  Please note the ebay store is not always open. 


Each individual item that is available will be listed in the store with an item description, size info if applicable, and photos. 

Shipping can be combined to save costs. 

Wanna see a quick glance at items listed in the store?  You are welcome to copy the html of this etsy mini and place it on your own website or myspace so that you can take a quick glance at what is being listed.

Buy Handmade
If you are a reseller of A'Kai Silks products, you are welcome to use the colorful clothing tags below.  We also have brochure and postcard images for your use.  Please contact us for the large files.