Ways to Wear

Use this pictorial guide to help you discover the many ways that the SILK LAYERED SKIRTS can be worn.  The silk layered skirts are the most versatile item in your wardrobe as you can wear them as dresses, wrap skirts, capes, and tops.  Because of the creative way they are dyed, you can arrange the colors so that you have a different skirt or dress all the time.  Pair up with matching accessories such as silk scarves and ruanas. 


tie over bust for a cute summer dress

tie one layer of silk to the side for a colorful accent

tie one silk layer over the shoulder to make an asymmetrical dress

use one silk layer to fold and tie over the bust for a color change

pair up with a matching silk crepe de chine ruana

another attractive way to wrap and tie

a matching silk scarf makes a fantastic belt

use the banded stripe sections to create new looks

wear over your shoulders and tie as a mini cape

a silk camisole top makes a nice match