Ways to Wear

Use this pictorial guide to help you discover the many ways that the SILK CHARMEUSE DRESSES can be worn.  The silk dresses are designed to fit many body sizes and come with two silk straps for wrapping and tying.  Because of the creative way they are dyed, you can arrange the colors so that you have a different skirt or dress all the time.  Pair up with matching accessories such as silk scarves and ruanas. 



tied around neck, look at the beautiful drape

deep v cut back..sexy! you can let out the hem if you have more curves

tied as a skirt

tied over bust as a strapless dress

tied over one shoulder

belted with a silk scarf

the bottom is brought to one side and tied to create a beautiful silk top

criss cross the straps in front

paired with a matching ruana

tied under the bust to create a babydoll style dress

over one shoulder and add a charmeuse scarf!

like a bit of fire?

worn over the shoulders as a cape

how the dress looks on a model (model is size 10)

paired with a velvet ruana

flowing, drapey silk garment